Global Business Process Company
Makes a Strategic Shift


Our client is a leading provider of business services. The company has grown tremendously over the last few years in a challenging environment. The landscape of services has changed from transactional outputs to transformational expectations. Customers are not looking for the cheapest provider of standalone tasks but partners who can deliver strategic outcomes. Our client identified the need for developing and operationalizing a view point and capability on implementing change.

How LeadEdge Helped

We baselined the existing practice and context of change in the organization. We then designed a comprehensive model and approach for change, relevant to the client and their business. Over a period of time we have trained the entire community of practitioners who are responsible for leading change within and to enable transformation for their clients. Sponsors and champions were trained on how to coach and support change across the enterprise, to drive the capability deeper into the DNA of the organization.


The client has now positioned the capability as a part of their value proposition for their customers. The model that we helped develop has been adopted as a universal framework across the enterprise and is fully integrated into the customer offerings and solutions, as well as the core leadership curriculum.