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Aligning the organization to the imperatives of the strategy is essential for long term success.


Our experience has taught us that the following core activities are crucial for laying the foundation for sustainable results.

Strategic Deployment

We work with the senior leadership in your organization to ensure strategy is converted into goals and objectives and that these are aligned both vertically and horizontally. Together, we identify inter-dependencies and risks of successful execution in addition to defining measures to track progress and success. We also help you analyze failure modes and develop plans to convert them into success enablers.

Building a Collaborative Culture

We believe that values drive behaviors and behaviors drive results. We work with you to identify the current levels of practice of your values in the organization. We assess conditions which are hindering high performance at the workplace and identify enablers for high performance. We help you identify opportunities to shape values to enable your strategic shifts and define effective behaviors.

Team Building

We use structured tools and techniques to identify specific challenges and gaps which could hinder your top teams in delivering results and successfully implementing strategy. Working with you, we design and implement interventions which enable these teams to address challenges and fulfill their potential of becoming winning teams.

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Strategy Identification

Values and
Culture Design



Design of Performance
Management Systems

Top Team Building


We believe that by learning from the past and with a disciplined approach, change can be accelerated in an organization. We help organization masters change through the following.

Development of Change Agenda

Implementing strategy ultimately boils down to identifying and orchestrating systemic change. We work with senior leaders and key stakeholders in helping translate business strategy into an Agenda for Change. We help you to charter and launch change initiatives, through our structured and proven methodology and help coach the change team along their journey to successful implementation.

Creating the Infrastructure for Change

Organizations need to develop internal competency to enhance capacity to lead change in the future. We work closely with you to develop coaches and facilitators to enable your future agenda for change. We can also develop trainers who can help transfer expertise within your organization and accelerate your growth strategy.

Change Leadership

In the simplest possible terms, the job of a Leader is to foster change. Leaders need to mobilize and prepare the organization to deal with threats and seize opportunities. This requires a very unique skill set: The ability to identify and make a case for change, shape vision & empower people and finally, anchor change in the organizational DNA. We help organizations develop leaders, using our proprietary change model, to lead change effectively and accelerate transformation.

To know more about our solutions, download LeadEdge’s Engagement Model

Development of Strategic
Change Agenda


Change Leadership

Change Infrastructure


Leaders envision and enable transformation through inspired and involved people. We believe leadership development occurs within a context and requires a systematic approach. It also needs to be aligned with the Vision and Strategic goals of the organization. We engage with you to understand your business needs and help design customized leadership development interventions. We focus on both enhancing the effectiveness of your current pipeline, as well as help you architect your future leadership pipeline.

Communication Skills

Dynamic organizations acknowledge the significant value that effective communication can deliver, especially in the climate of persistent change. Effective leaders communicate strategically, translating important business objectives into terms that employees readily understand. As a consequence, employees are engaged, align their actions accordingly and work towards organizational success.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leaders must be adept at finding common ground and achieving buy-in among stakeholders who have disparate views and agendas. This requires active outreach. Success depends on proactive communication, trust building, and frequent engagement. Strategic leaders can also create vision, express vision, passionately possess vision and persistently drive it to accomplishment.

Talent Development

Leadership and talent development are top priorities for organizations. In CEO surveys, the development of better leaders and talent pipelines is always identified as one of management’s top three priorities. Talent development is not an event. It is a process. To make it sustainable, it must become part of the culture.

To know more about our solutions, download LeadEdge’s Engagement Model.

Communication Skills

Thinking Skills

as a Coach


Leading High
Performance Teams

Thinking Skills

to Innovate

in Leadership


Key Talent
Development Program