Global IT Services Company Implementing
a Transformational Road Map


This client provides IT services across several industries. The business model has evolved tremendously as customers have moved from products to solutions. The pace of change is enormous as technology has reshaped the conventional value proposition and has challenged the Legacy Linear Growth Model. The past Global Delivery Model has to be consistent, scalable and brutally nimble, all at the same time. Moving forward, our client wanted to ensure that the productivity and profitability got embeded into the DNA of the organization. Our client has embarked on this journey to prepare and tool the organization in this complex and volatile environment. The challenge was to do this quickly in a vast, entrepreneuarial and successful organization while staying focused on delivering outstanding results.

How LeadEdge Helped

We undertook a detailed systemic assessment of the organization and its challenges around implementing change. We identified the need to help leaders develop the skills to accelerate the transformation in the organization while ensuring that the capacity for change was enhanced. We also helped the client create internal capability for facilitating change by developing change coaches who could participate in supporting identified strategic initiatives on the transformational roadmap. LeadEdge facilitated the change initiatives and helped teams learn the application of tools and techniques in the pursuit of strategic goals and objectives. We also equipped the leaders with the essential skills for managing the human side of change, which would be vital if these changes have to take root in the organization and become sustainable.


Senior leaders from key global functions were skilled to lead change in a systematic and scientific manner using our Proprietary Change Model. Projects and teams were chartered to drive the agenda with clearly defined sponsors. With our coaching, the teams have taken the initiative to launch successfully. From here on, the organization has developed great confidence in their ability to implement this transformation effectively in order to produce long term results.