“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Interaction Associates has more than four decades of experience. Our business consultants work across a spectrum of industries, helping most of the Fortune 100 companies solve some of their toughest business challenges through leadership training, executive coaching, and business management consulting. We know that involved employees share responsibility for success, and own the results of their shared efforts. This sense of ownership means employees give greater discretionary effort, and build stronger working relationships within the organization, because everyone is working toward a common vision. The end result: impressive business results.

High performance is the natural outgrowth of a collaborative, high-trust business culture fostered by skillful leaders. Business results are not sustainable without smart processes and excellent working relationships. The experts at Interaction Associates show you how to balance results, process and relationship success. We have three main lines of service: training, consulting, coaching — which we combine to suit client needs. We deliver our services in ways that serve client outcomes and equip you to be self-sufficient going forward (you need not lean on us forever). We work collaboratively to create a solution that not only fits your business goals, but is also powerful and practical.


We believe that the best solutions to most of your challenges come from the people inside your company, your employees, not from outside consultants. And we excel at helping to surface, leverage, and make that in-house wisdom effective.


Our approach to coaching is based on original research, and delivers improved performance for better business results.


We help you achieve extraordinary results by skilling up your workforce to collaborate successfully. Our clients tell us that our ability to listen to their needs, accelerate the implementation of key initiatives, and leverage more than 40 years of tested, practical content is why they return year after year.

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The TRACOM Group is The Social Intelligence Company. We change the world by helping individuals and organizations achieve their vision. Our SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral EQ and Adaptive Mindset assessments and courses help people create amazing relationships and build high performing organizations. Most leaders recognize that their organization’s success is built on the capabilities of their people, but often don’t understand how to maximize that potential in today’s fast-paced world. They invest in functional skills or generic leadership training without ever considering how to develop the full potential of each person. Social Intelligence is the realization of this true potential in individuals, teams and entire organizations.

We enhance organizational performance with interpersonal skills-based development solutions covering the core aspects of the individual: Behavioral Style, Emotional Intelligence and Mindset. By focusing on these three elements, each person can learn to thrive in the workplace, even in the face of rapid technological shifts and organizational changes. TRACOM is the only company with a complete Social Intelligence solution that covers all three core elements of the individual to help people become more effective in all areas of life.

Social Intelligence is all about discovering and building effective solutions to the most pressing challenges of modern business and employee development. Social Intelligence training gets at the core of the individual by focusing on the most effective aspects of our personalities, interactions and relationships.

We’re judged on our behaviors. SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s leading Behavioral Style model. It has been used by thousands of organizations to improve leadership performance and sales results.

Research shows that the behavioral elements of EQ, the aspects of the model that focus on our actions, lead to the most visible and meaningful improvements. These same behavioral aspects have proven to be the best predictors of job performance and success.

Mindset skills are all about overcoming the natural, counterproductive tendencies we have developed over the centuries that get in the way of personal success. Investing in mindset skills training for employees and leaders results in improvements in workplace productivity, employee morale and  company culture.

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