Global Technology Company Creates Platform
for Successful Growth


The technology industry is brutally competitive. Disruption has become the norm but inability to adapt and respond rapidly can mean extinction. Our client is a major solution provider in the high tech industry. Since inception they have grown rapidly, organically and through acquisitions. Customer needs have evolved from needing boxes into solutions and tech companies are having to reinvent themselves significantly. Winning in this marketplace now involves working horizontally and co-opting partners to be able to design and deliver high quality solutions quickly. Services have become a key differentiator in their ability to win and retain demanding customers. Our client identified an organization with capable leaders as a key enabler for making this transformation successful.

How LeadEdge Helped

We worked with the client to understand and interpret their needs based an their internal competency system. The client identified supervisors, managers and senior managers as their target audience for development. We created a Spiral Learning Model to establish common framework and tools across levels. This was to ensure universal leadership language and Mental Model while enriching the application’s context at different levels. The foundational competency identified for development was considered to be the leading change. LeadEdge designed and implemented a blended curriculum for developing leaders, based on our proven Proprietary Change Model. Learning involved customized and modular workshops with pre and post work, which was anchored within the roles of the learners. LeadEdge facilitated the anchoring of learner communities including a Smart Portal for collaborative and just in time learning.


The client has made significant progress in their defined roadmap. Leaders have contributed towards the Leading Specific Change programs to ensure successful completion while delivering benchmark NPS scores.